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Barefoot in Vegas

“Somewhere on this journey down the Vegas strip I lost my willpower, along with my phone & dignity.” Dear Broads, When I was young and awesome, I took a girl’s trip to Las Vegas with my sister and cousins. I was 23, they were newly 21. and we were ready to party. One night we […]

Not-So-Classy Stories

Do you have a not so classy moment you want to share? (We will share it anonymously, we promise!) Email us with a short, 500 words or less story about your ‘not so classy’ story. If you are featured on “Not-So Classy Mondays” we will send you a free bag of coffee to lessen the […]

Woman Produced Coffee

Woman Produced Coffee | Every Sip Counts

At Classy Broads, we are on a mission to empower women not only in our small company, but across the world. Susie is our pride & joy. Here’s why: A word from the amazing woman who roasts all the magic beans in our signature rose gold bag. “When you sip your morning brew or chug […]