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Barefoot in Vegas

By Leslie O'Bryant

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“Somewhere on this journey down the Vegas strip I lost my willpower, along with my phone & dignity.”

Dear Broads,

When I was young and awesome, I took a girl’s trip to Las Vegas with my sister and cousins. I was 23, they were newly 21. and we were ready to party.

One night we went to Thunder from Down Under where I decided to stand on a table in the back to get a little attention (if ya’ know what I’m sayin’). Well, I got attention alright. I was immediately spotlighted with a flashlight and sternly told to get down by the theatre crew. This was my one and only warning.

As we were leaving, we met a group of ladies in a bachelorette party. (We all know happy drunk girls in a bathroom are literally the nicest people ever). All of us decided to go to a Kesha concert that was going on nearby. Because we were all young and awesome, we thought we would be able to get in free – there was 13 of us. I’m really not sure why the hell we thought that was going to work. Looking back, the cover was only $20 – to see Kesha – WTF?!

After being denied by the bouncer, we drank more and moved on. Well, because we all couldn’t fit in one cab we walked to the next destination. I have no idea what that was. I just know now that it was really far.

Now, let make a disclaimer here first – I DO NOT take shoes off in public. I’d rather be carried if my feet hurt before I take shoes off. If I make the decision to wear the heels, they stay on through blisters & bruises.

Somewhere on this journey down the Vegas strip I lost my willpower, along with my phone & dignity. I took my shoes off. I couldn’t take it anymore. But damn, it was amazing. I got my second wind after that and it was party time again. We said goodbye to bachelorette party after lots of “Follow me on Insta”, hugs, and a wedding invitation.

It was 5:00 am

The sun was coming up, so what else is there to do in the daylight in Vegas? Go to the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. So, off we go, the four of us in our night club dresses, no shoes, the bottoms of our feet were disgustingly black from walking around barefoot, and I’m pretty sure all of our makeup had sweated off by now. Classic walk of shame status, without the shame.

You know who else is at the Las Vegas sign at sunrise? Elvis (who has also definitely been up all night and slightly more sweaty than us in that polyester suit) and tourists. Families of tourists. With children.

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  1. Miriam Monroe Reply January 7, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    Great memories you made! I definitely take off my shoes when my feet hurt. Wearing a beautiful dress? Totally classy!


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