About Us

Meet the Broads

Hey there! I’m Leslie O’Bryant, founder of Classy Broads Coffee & Tea.  I opened a coffee shop in 2017 in a small town in North Carolina outside of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.

In opening that little shop, I quickly learned how male dominated the coffee industry is. Now, that’s not a bad thing but hey ladies, can we get some cute packaging over here?

Through this process of creating a feminine brand, I wanted to honor my late grandmother. She always told me I can be anyone and do anything I want, I just have to go for it.


Grams was an amazing woman. She lived through the Great Depression, was a nurse, had three children, and of course, was the best Grandma ever!

She was a very classy lady, but she did have a fun side. Grams was a preacher’s wife, but got kicked out of an all girl’s boarding school for sneaking out at night.

That is the inspiration behind all our Coffee Broads. If you haven’t read all the labels, go do it now!

I wanted to incorporate all sides of women into products; the classy, the sassy, and the badassy.

We run corporations, homes, hospitals, schools, fire departments… you know where I’m going here. We do many things as women, and a little caffeine helps to get through are days of running the world.